Chris Kellem

Mike Bennett - Eckart Wholesale Supplies While still in high school in 1985, Chris Kellem was giving a speech to the Rotary, which consisted of local businessmen. After his speech, Chris was approached by Charlie Eckart, who asked him to stop by Eckart after school that day. Little did Chris know that this was the beginning of a successful career at Eckart.

Chris started in the showroom as a “gopher,” putting light fixtures together and building displays. He was later moved to the warehouse where he worked orders. After showing great skills in this area, Chris was asked to drive the Eckart truck. Although he was working hard at Eckart at this time, he was working even harder to get through college at IUS.

Chris was promoted to Receiving, where he unloaded trucks and put away stock. In 1989, Chris was asked to go work at a new Eckart location on LaGrange Road. Here, he built shelving and organized the warehouse. His hard work ethic quickly got him promoted to the warehouse manager position. Striving to keep everything organized in the warehouse proved to be an important task for Chris. Doing so helped to get him promoted to working the counter, where he soon became the counter manager.

Although he liked being in the warehouse, Chris soon learned that sales were his passion. Because of his strength in sales, he was promoted to assistant branch manager.

In 2002, Chris became the branch manager of the Louisville Eckart store. He became friends with many of his customers and earned their trust. Because of this trustworthiness and positive customer relationships, Chris was one of the top salesmen in the company. After continuously high sales numbers, he was given an opportunity to buy into Eckart.

Chris Kellem is now the Vice President/Sales for the company.